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Appel - Call for Proposals for Modern Language Association 2016

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A Public Face for East Asian Poetry ?

In the technological age when instrumentalism and the digital interface have become the prime nodes of cultural interaction and implicit value, the humanities are being called into question. Various defenses of the humanities are being mounted on a variety of fronts. Within the humanities, we must ask : what about our most rarefied genre, poetry ? What is the public face of poetry locally, nationally, and globally ? Is poetry necessary and if so why ? How does poetry assert and maintain its prominence ? This session invites papers on modern and contemporary poetry from East Asia with an eye toward investigating and discussing the impact it has on readerships large and small.

Potential papers could address such issues as the way the genre of poetry has changed over time to accommodate new readerships, the way it has engendered new registers in response to the changing world, or the way new platforms such as the internet and/or media distribution are used in the delivery of poetry. The session welcomes both papers that advance an argument in defense of erudite poetry and those that examine more recent incarnations in popular poetry. The only two demarcations are that we wish papers to emphasize the contemporary period and we wish them to at least in part center on poetry from East Asia, such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., or a mixture of them.

Please send a title and abstract of approximately 300 words as well as a short biography to Christopher Lupke <lupke> by March 6, 2015. All successful participants must MLA members by April 7, 2015. This session is sponsored by the East Asian Literatures after 1900 Forum.

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