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Appel-European China Talent Program

Until 9 February 2015

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European China Talent Program

MERICS European China Talent Program promotes students and young graduates with a focus on contemporary China

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) strives to encourage European students and young graduates to deepen their engagement with contemporary China. By bringing together fifteen outstanding European students and graduates, the MERICS European China Talent Program provides a platform for exchange of perspectives on China and supports the development of a long-lasting network of future European China experts.

The three-day program will take place from 6 to 8 May 2015 in Berlin, offering an exchange about different European perspectives on China as well as the analysis of developments in China and their internal and external impact. Participants will get insights into one of the largest international think tanks on contemporary China, conduct debates with politicians and business representatives and contribute to the special publication “MERICS Insight – Young European Perspectives on China”.

Successful applicants will receive a certificate of participation, board and lodging for the duration of the program and a travel allowance

Application procedure

Application documents should contain a CV (one page) and an essay (one page, max. 4000 characters) on the issue “What is China’s biggest challenge in the next five years ?”

Please proceed in two steps :

Select and substantiate one major challenge that in your perspective is crucial for China’s future Propose some possible ways out (ideally : propose concrete policy options) how China’s government could deal with this challenge. Please do not add any other documents or references and send your application as one single PDF file.

Application requirements :

Master student or young graduate (BA/MA) of a contemporary China focused degree course or any other degree course with a strong focus on contemporary China Chinese language skills not older than 30 years European citizen very good command of the English language


If you are interested to become part of the MERICS European China Talent Program 2015, please send your application to Elena Klorer (elena.klorer until 9 February 2015.

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