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Call for Paper- Australia National University

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Conference on the socio-economic transition of china : opportunities and threats

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Conference theme :

In recent decades, the world has witnessed the enormous economic, social, cultural and political development of China. As the most populous country in the world, China’s transition process influences directly one fifth of the world’s population and indirectly almost all the rest of the world. Chinese economic activities cover the whole globe, Chinese living overseas constitute the largest diaspora, and China’s political and economic influence is significant. On the other hand, China and its government face many challenges, as Chinese society as well as the environment are affected by these massive processes. The conference theme is focused on the opportunities and potential threats China faces or will face in the near future.

We are seeking research presentations (20-30 minutes’ duration) or session proposals, which relate to these broad themes. These could include, but are not confined to, the following areas :

  • China and Asia, the world and supranational activities
  • China’s economy, its plans and reality
  • Social and economic processes within China
  • Labour and people transiting China (micro and macro perspectives)
  • Chinese abroad and the economic and social impacts on both China and the world
  • Legitimacy and the legal system
  • Negotiating growth and development – different approaches to the social and economic transition in China and the world (comparative studies, theories on development issues etc.)
  • The ecology of transitioning China

Deadlines :

The deadline for the Call for Sessions and Paper Abstracts is : 31st January 2014 Information for notification of acceptance of abstracts : 21st February 2014 The deadline for final registration for the conference : 9th March 2014 The deadline for full paper submissions : 4th May 2014

Conference fees : The conference is FREE OF CHARGE.

Note : Participants will cover all their personal costs, including transportation, accommodation, visas, etc. Our staff can provide you with an invitation letter for visa if necessary.

Call for Papers in pdf can be downloaded through this link :

Recommended accommodation and travel information can be found here :

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