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Conférence - Cynthia J. Brokaw

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Mme Cynthia J. BROKAW, professeur au département d’histoire de la Brown University, invitée par l’École française d’Extrême-Orient, donnera deux conférences

Empire of Texts : Book Production, Book Distribution, and Book Culture in Late Imperial China

Lundi 14 octobre 2013, 11h, à la Maison de l’Asie, 22 avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris (salle au RDC)

Based on field work as well as library and archival research, “Empire of Texts” is a preliminary survey of the map of book publishing and the pattern of book distribution—focusing on the commercial book industry—in China from the seventeenth through the nineteenth century. I argue that, during this period, many important sites of woodblock publishing were established outside of the capital and the culturally advanced Jiangnan area ; and that, by the mid-nineteenth century, books were traveling not only east to west (that is, from Beijing and Jiangnan to the interior), but also west to east. This trend raises the larger and more significant question : what impact did this more expansive circulation of texts have on Chinese society and culture ? By tracing and analyzing the output of the hinterland publishing sites, I hope to offer some answers to this question.

Field Work on the History of the Book in Late Qing and Early Twentieth-Century China

Jeudi 17 octobre 2013, 11h, au bâtiment Le France, 190, avenue de France - 75013 Paris (salle 1)

Cette conférence est organisée en collaboration avec le CECMC/UMR8173, la discussion sera animée par Frédéric Obringer

Drawing on field work on publishing and book history in Sibao (western Fujian), Yuechi (eastern Sichuan), and Shaoyang (Hunan), I will discuss : the methods that I have found most useful ; the variety of primary sources that the field researcher might find (particularly in rural areas) ; the problems that confront a field-researcher in book history, the rewards of this kind of research ; and the importance of continuing field work on this topic now.

Les conférences seront prononcées en anglais Pour informations : michela.bussotti

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