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Parution - Great Qing : Painting in China, 1644-1911 (China Program Books)

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Great Qing : Painting in China, 1644-1911 (China Program Books)

Claudia Brown Synopsis

This comprehensive overview of painting in China’s last dynasty, the Qing (1644–1911), fills a need in the field of East Asian art history and will be welcomed by students and collectors. Claudia Brown provides a thorough chronological account of painting in the Qing period, from the tumultuous Ming–Qing transition to the end of imperial rule, while examining major influences along the way. Among topics explored are the relationship between painting and mapmaking, the role of patrons and collectors, printmaking and publishing, religious themes, and Western influences. Great Qing is innovative in providing many fine examples of Qing painting in American museums, works from all regions of China, and paintings by women.

This book will appeal to historians of Chinese art, culture, and society ; museum curators ; and art collectors.

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