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Poste - The summer program Johns Hopkins-China STEM

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The summer program Johns Hopkins-China STEM

Forward thinking and interdisciplinary, Johns Hopkins-China STEM embodies the best of the Johns Hopkins tradition. Building upon well-established partnerships in China and expertise in a variety of technical disciplines, the program addresses the increasing demand for advanced Chinese language education in specialized fields of study. Students, researchers, and practitioners who understand the language, culture, and context of China could significantly enhance their ability to discover new theories, new partnerships, and new practices.

The summer program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and researchers who seek to enhance their Chinese language proficiency for scientific, technological, engineering, and medical (STEM) disciplines. Over the course of eight weeks, students are immersed in rigorous language training, coupled with experiential research trips to laboratories, hospitals, and academic institutions in Nanjing and Beijing.

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