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Poste : Tokyo University of Foreign Studies - Tenured Lecturer in Modern Chinese History

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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Department of International Social Studies, Graduate School of Global Studies

Tenured Lecturer in Modern Chinese History

1. Position

Tenured Lecturer in Modern Chinese History

2. Department

Graduate School of Global Studies (Department of International Social Studies)

3. Responsibilities

(1) Graduate School of Global Studies Master’s Program : International Studies Major, “Chinese History and Culture”

(2) Anticipated responsibilities in the undergraduate curriculum include :

  ・Chinese language courses for Chinese major and other students

  ・Courses in the International Social Studies major

  ・Directing graduation theses and research seminars

Depending on need from year to year, other seminars, participation in team-taught courses, etc.


Modern Chinese History

5.Requisite qualifications

Applicants should have demonstrated a high level of leadership ability and expertise in their area of specialization, and possess the following qualifications at the time of application :

1) Applicants should hold the Ph.D. or the equivalent, or anticipate completing the Ph.D. or equivalent at the time of employment ; significant research accomplishments.

2) Applicants may be of any nationality, but should be capable of lecturing, advising students, and participating in academic affairs in either English or Japanese.

3) Applicants should be committed to teaching Chinese history and language.

4) The successful applicant will be expected to participate in the educational mission of the University, and to contribute to the functions and operations of the University.

6. Employment date

1 April 2015

7. Terms of employment

Compensation and other terms of employment shall be determined in accordance with the bylaws of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

8. Materials to be submitted

Please submit the following materials by the close of applications. University-specified formats are available at

1) Curriculum Vitae (in the format 「履歴書」specified by the University ) 1 copy

2) List of Research and Educational Accomplishments (in the format 「研究教育業績一覧」specified by the University ) 1 copy

3) Major publications (3 items, 2 copies each)

 ・Applicant should be sole or lead author for each item.

 ・Applicants who have completed the Ph.D. should submit one copy of their doctoral dissertation (or book derived from the dissertation).

 ・Format for submission of publications :

  One original and one copy in either A4 or B4 paper.

 ・As applications are considered, we may request additional materials.

4) Abstracts of three (3) major papers or publications (1-page abstracts in the format 「主要研究業績の概要」specified by the University) : 1 copy each

・Abstracts of three items listed in item (3) above, in either Japanese or English.

5) A brief (2 pp.) prose statement of the applicant’s education and research and prospectus of future plans. (In the format 「これまでの教育研究の概要及び今後の教育研究の計画」 specified by the University) : 1 copy

6) A brief statement of the applicant’s vision of his/her prospective contributions to the educational and research mission of the University.(300 words, A4 paper ; format open)

7) Letters of reference from two persons who are in a position to assess the applicant’s scholarly abilities and accomplishments. Referees may not be affiliated with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Format open.

8) Application form.(in the format specified by the University 「応募書」) : 1 copy

Note : Please note the following :

(1) Application materials will not be returned to applicants.

(2) Forms for those materials for which the format has been specified by the University maybe downloaded from the following Web site :

9. Application deadline

All materials must be received by 13 June 2014.

10.Address for submission of application materials

Institute of Global Studies Administrative Office

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

3-11-1 Asahi-chō

Fuchū-shi, Tokyo 183-8534 

Tel : +1-81-42-330-5555

(Please write “Modern Chinese History” in red on the envelope, and post by registered mail or parcel delivery service. Deliveries in person not accepted.

11. Selection process

(1) Selection will be based on both the applicants’ written materials and interviews with the finalists.

(2) Interviews will be held for applicants deemed qualified on the basis of a review of their written materials. Interviewees residing in Japan will be responsible for their own expenses. Overseas applicants will be interviewed via Skype.

(3) Prior to interviews, candidates may be asked to provide a prospectus of courses for one semester of instruction.

(4) Interviewees may be asked to conduct a model class.

(5) Interviews will be conducted between late June and mid-July.

12. Inquiries

Inquiries may be directed to Prof. Kōtarō Kanai, Professor of Global Studies and Dean of the Department of Social International Studies

Please direct inquiries to either E-mail : gs-jinji1402 or FAX : 042-330-5530.


For further information please refer to the Mission Statement of the University (「本学の目的」) in the “About the University” (「大学紹介」) section of the University home page :

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