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Workshop - Erlangen : Maoist and post-Maoist rural china

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Sujet du workshop

In 20th century, China has transformed itself from a pre-modern agrarian state to one that is dominated by the worship of science and technology and to one that relentlessly pursues the establishment of a scientific society. This transformation was not limited to the urban areas, but can also be observed in the rural areas where the modernization of agricultural production, the improvement of health conditions and the establishment of educational institutions relied heavily on science and technology when justifying the transformation.

Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, both the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine have experienced successful efforts of scientification, resulting in a thorough remodeling of medical knowledge and practices. Research in the field of TCM and TCVM has already analyzed the political and social impact of this remodeling (Fang Xiaoping, Volker Scheid, Ralph Croizier), yet without sufficiently taking into consideration the question how medical knowledge is produced, disseminated and accepted in times when medical science was largely conceived as a Western tradition. In the case of the PRC, the re-emergence of TCM has long been considered to be an ideological project that was thought to provide medical care in times of economic restraints, yet its impact on Chinese society and the implications of its revival for the field of medical knowledge remains understudied.

Objectifs principaux

This workshop intends to lay the foundation for future projects that address the problem of dissemination of scientific thinking and acting among famers and workers by shedding light on the transformation of medical knowledge (including veterinary medicine) in the Maoist and post-Maoist era.


Participants of this workshop are Chang Che-chia (IKGF, FAU Erlangen), Marc Matten (FAU Erlangen), Tong Lam (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin), Lena Springer (University of Westminster, London) and Rui Kunze (FAU Erlangen).

This workshop is financially supported by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation and Universität Bayern e.V.

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